A journey
into the whimsical world
of Mariaan Kotze

I am an artist, what more can I say…You need to know no more. Behind my easel is the place where my soul rests. It is there that stories emerge. Where canvasses get covered in narratives. I am not just passing through. Learning. Growing. Searching. My art is an ongoing evolution. One promise: a promise that my art will get better, year after year. Look at my creations… be still… listen… they will do the talking.

is everywhere...

…and a few firm favourites can be seen across Mariaan Kotze’s artwork. Look out for fish, circles, birds and other winged creatures in her wonderful, unique and inspired pieces. Mariaan’s art is ever-evolving and changing as she explores and experiments with techniques and approaches. Keep up with her exhilarating journey, by signing up for the newsletter.You’ll also be entered into a draw to WIN your own original Mariaan Kotze artwork to add to your collection, and receive FREE printables.

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