Grab your lettuce and see my bunny art

Up for “adoption”:

                                         “Flutter-Bunny”  76x92cm R10500 

And if you thought this little bunny is small… think again…

Flutter-Bunny - for in case you thought she is small...
 …she is rather big! 

My Bunny paintings 

Although I did a lot of bunny paintings over the years, for some reason, I entered, unplanned, a bunny phase! 

I go through phases as you should have noticed if you follow my art posts on my  facebook page or even on Instagram :

If it’s not birds that keeps on popping on my canvasses, it’s girl paintings full of symbolism, or feathers, clocks or cats, eyes, even pencils, o yes, and fishes! 

It’s just crazy how themes run away with me for a while, and then, as unexpectedly as it started, it stops!

Not necessarily forever, it might return, dressed in another jacket maybe, or just revisit me for a while.

Grab your lettuce and go on a journey through my bunny paintings.

This little shy Bunny is painted on the cover of an old book. As I like the idea or recycling, I like to use objects like books, to paint on. Also, it adds a unique touch to the painting, the book has a little hook at the back, so you can hang it as a painting, or just display it on a coffee table together with a few interesting objects.

One bunny even appeared on a vintage wooden last 

Painted wooden Last


Rabbits and Bunnies Collage
    Playful Rabbits and Bunnies Collage


Rabbits and Bunnies Collage
   Whimsical Rabbits and Bunnies Collage

                                        For the love of Bunnies 

                                       The secret life of rabbits

                             I might add to the above range and canvas prints can be ordered soon

                                       I have many favorites of which this painting is definitely one 



                                               18M21  32x46cm R3900 

     It is not often that men appear in my art, and here is a man with a rabbit! Nature lover. 

Sometimes it's not bunnies but only the ears that appear in a painting!
Sometimes it’s not bunnies but only the ears that appear in a painting!


Coasters and place mats
Coasters and placemats

I am working on a product range and had a few hick-ups and stuff holding me back, but it will be up and running by March next year. I will keep you posted on that. Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect. 

You can email me at if you have any questions and please remember to fill in the subscription form at the beginning of this blog post to receive my newsletter with updates about exhibitions and special promotions. 


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All Artwork © Mariaan Kotzé