An unexpected treasure found!

Not “found” actually, but given to me, thank you Belinda and Adriaan!                            

Mannequin Bumble bee

Mannequin – a clean slate…

What a treasure…

Mannequins, especially the really old ones, a little bruised and cracked, are like real treasures to me as they tell stories.

There is a strange kind of life breathed into them…

The first Mannequins:

Did you know that the first mannequins that were made in the 1900’s were figures made out of solid wax? They had false teeth, glass eyes, and real hair!  (that was after the first…first headless mannequins)

With the onset of the First World War in 1914, Mannequins reflected the social change, they shed their hats, unlace their corsets and exposed knees and ankles.

But read more about that by following this interesting link: The history of mannequins

A visit to “Just B Cottage”:

During a visit to a beautiful Air B&B in Ruimsig, Just B Cottage Air B&B   I was given this lovely mannequin by the owners, who are also clients who became friends. They know that I would transform this girl into a piece of art. 


                                                               One of my artworks in the cottage

Air B&B Just B Cottage in Ruimsig

                                             Air B&B: Just B Cottage in Ruimsig


Just B Cottage - Air B&B in Ruimsig

      Belinda and Adriaan arriving with my unexpected “treasure”

In return, I will do a painted hand for Belinda. 

A Story-Hand: 

One of the hands already got painted and found it’s way to a new home.

Painted hand

                                             Painted hand


Painted hand

                         Painted hand






And then arrives the Bumblebee!  

Why but why a Bumblebee!?


Mannequin and the Bumble Bee

                    The Mannequin and the Bumble Bee

A little bit of magic symbolism I got out of a Pure Spirit blog post:  Symbolism of the Bumble Bee

The Bumblebee’s movement from one plant to another represents the interconnectedness of all living things. The bumble Bee brings the secrets of life and service. 

If your energy is scattered, the Bumblebee can show you how to become focused again. If a bumblebee finds you, you must follow its lead. If you do this you will come to the destination most suited for your new life awakening.

An interesting, but sad fact about the Bumble Bee as read in the following Blog Post:

 Top 10 facts about Bumble Bees   “Bumblebee colonies die at the end of each growing season, only the queen survives to start a new colony in the spring” 

The outcome of my mannequin project: 





                                                                           Me, concentrating! 

The end result:


Mannequin and the Bumble Bee

Mannequin and the Bumblebee

Now I need to get an idea for the temporarily abandoned legs! 









Inspired by my surroundings and the fact that I am at the sea, fishes keeps on featuring an the artworks I create while I am here

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