Mannequin – Lady Labyrinth

Painted Mannequin

Lady Labyrinth (above) was a lovely project to jump-start my year with. Labyrinths Labyrinths:  The author of the book: Lunch with a Dragonfly by the psychiatrist Levern Mountany, whom has a Labyrinth at her practice. Click on the link below to explore her connection with Labyrinths.  Tabula Rasa -workshop facilitators Lunch with a Dragonfly: Here I am on […]

The Bumble Bee and the Mannequin – interconnection of everything

Painted Mannequin

                         An unexpected treasure found! Not “found” actually, but given to me, thank you Belinda and Adriaan!                             What a treasure… Mannequins, especially the really old ones, a little bruised and cracked, are […]

Painted Vintage Mannequin- abandoned…then recycled

And the virgin’s name was Mary   Once the center of attention under the spotlight to be admired, she has since been disposed of for there arose new trends that replaced her. But her life was long from over yet… she stumbled upon me, and I knew that I could revive her. Through my eyes, […]

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