Lock down Redecorating – 10 Kick Ass Ideas

Ideas to decorate with art

Now is the time to beautify your home and love it more than ever before. The current Corona lockdown means that most of us are spending a crazy amount of time at home, some of us are so privileged to go on with our work but many people have a lot of leisure time on […]

An extended vacation after a great exhibition: my update

We had fun and a lot of hard work in between! Can you believe that we transformed the empty space below in this magic “gallery” above in a few very busy hours!! I want to rewind a bit, as I want to cover my working holiday trip, as this post is not just about an […]

2 Exhibitions all at once to end off this roaring year!

And we stay with the wines, this time: Durbanvill Hills

2018 is running out fast: I end off this year by being part of 2 exciting art exhibitions!  I cannot be at two places at once but I can be somewhere… and as I am on my way to the Western Cape for a few well deserved days at the coast, I can be @ Rietvallei […]

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