A bit of fun with my three daughters

My daughters featuring in my art

Music – blogging, and my daughters:  If possible, I would like you to click on the “Movie Soundtracks”  link below and to listen to the music I am listening to while I am writing this post… I wish I had the skills to incorporate music into my posts.   Movie soundtracks   I sit with a glass […]

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1-2-3 – Buy art -Wrap- Courier

 1-2-3- ready steady – GO!                                     Packing and shipping   Is it safe to buy art online and receive it by courier? Absolutely! This answer I will give without a moment’s hesitation. Tonight as I was sitting at my […]

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Design: Jahwe Rohi Arabians

                      From time to time I get the opportunity to collaborate with other creative people.              There is nothing more energizing than working in a well synchronized and organized team,                     […]

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Painting of girl and her dog friend .

“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.”

“Animal Friends Captured on Canvas”  Not many words are necessary to accompany these images, any animal lover will know the bond between people and their pets and horses and might understand why they want to commission paintings of these four legged friends of them.  “My dog and I” “Every once in a while a dog enters […]

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Transformation of an Art Deco style Cabinet

A Cabinet CommissionLast year this time I received an email from Max, the owner of the Oakdene guesthouse (http://www.oakdene.co.za/) in Oudshoorn. Max bought an Art Deco style cabinet that he wanted me to transform into an artwork. He sent me some photos of the room to get the feel of the space and I was […]

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