Ascending – a Painting about courage

Ascending Symbolic painting Take off and fly Blog Post Mariaan Kotze Art

Ascending – a Painting about courage. Time to step out into the unknown… All elements in this painting are symbols that enhance the story I portrayed in this artwork. The Bumblebee myth: Because of the myth that engineers have proved that Bumblebees cannot fly as their wings are too small for their bulky bodies, I […]

The Meaning of My Art

Art is my escape into a dreamlike reality - a peaceful, isolated world. I want to share this safe escape with onlookers and allow them to become part of it, if only for a moment.

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” H.P Lovecraft Like all people, I go through many emotions.  Like all people, I have ups and downs.  Like all people, these various emotions spill out into my everyday life.  Unlike all people, […]

Reflection on my Art journey of 2020

Reflect on my art in 2020

2021 – A NEW YEAR – A NEW STORY TO BE TOLD (Painted) At last… A new year, a new page, and in my case, yet another new town. It is 2021, 2020 might have been one of the longest, and simultaneously, in some weird way, one of the shortest years ever in my life.Nobody […]

Chapter One

Chapter One My thought process when creating my painting

The events in my life are some of my biggest inspirations for my art works. I love sharing my emotions, stories, and journey with my audience through my paintings.

My Bunny Paintings

Up for “adoption”:                                          “Flutter-Bunny”  76x92cm R10500  And if you thought this little bunny is small… think again… My Bunny paintings  Although I did a lot of bunny paintings over the years, for some reason, I […]

Winds of change

When the time of your life is right your migration will begin

My paintings hatch… bit by bit, starting as a little vague idea in my head, sometimes I walk with the possibility of an image for days, weeks, even months before it gets to a point of breaking through, even then, I usually do not know precisely where the image will end up once I put […]

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