Blind Faith, Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture

Bronze sculpture Blind Faith


My “Blind Faith” limited edition Bronze Sculpture is born:


As a student, I majored in sculpture but never got to do any sculptures after I finished my studies…until recently. 

My “Blind Faith” limited edition sculpture is born. 

Blind Faith is a very symbolic sculpture. 

This girl is blindfolded, this is symbolic of trusting, trust your inner voice a Higher Hand, the omens crossing your path.

The bird who is, in a way, leading the way, is also symbolic of The Voice you have to trust.

We want to control everything, be in charge instead of letting go. 

This sculpture is an extension of my paintings, as I paint a lot of puppet-like figures, this little figure is also a puppet, little minute screws “holding her together”.

My Technikon Art Lecturer, my Mentor 

During a visit to the lecturer I had as a student, she helped me to get started again.

  Zelda Stroud  is an inspiration and a master in own right and a true mentor. 

Bronze sculptures by Zelda Stroud
Bronze sculptures by Zelda Stroud

A Bronze sculpture I did as a student

I did two bronzes as a student of which one came into the market recently as a re-sell. 

A once-off bronze sculpture I did as a student.
A once-off bronze sculpture I did as a student.

“Lovers” is 28cm and R11000

I was inspired by the elongated figures of the twentieth-century artist,  Alberto Giacometti   when I did this figure in 1989 as a student.

Start of the process to create my Bronze Sculpture:

First you build an Armature:

After you decided on the sculpture you want to make, you build a wire armature that works like a little skeleton to support your figure.  

Wire Armature
Wire Armature (Image borrowed)

From here I used Plasticine, which is a mix of clay and wax, and lovely to work with, to form the little figure around the armature. 

Forming the little girl out of Plasticine
Forming the little girl out of Plasticine


My Plasticine figure, ready to go to the foundry
My Plasticine figure, ready to go to the foundry

Now she is out of my hands – off to the Foundry

I dropped the sculpture off at the artist, Cobus Haupt   who did the casting of the figure for me. 

It felt a little like taking your baby to a daycare center for the first time. But as Cobus was recommended to me as someone who is very capable, I knew the sculpture was in good hands.

From here the hard work starts, but now I am not part of the process anymore.

Cobus Haupt in his studio
Cobus Haupt in his studio

A Peek into the process of Bronze Casting

Creating a Silicon Mold:

Silicon mould
Silicon mold

The sculpture is “wrapped” in a silicon mold, the clay is removed from the mold and wax is being cast in it.

Fiberglass wrapping to secure the silicon mould
Fiberglass wrapping to secure the silicon mold

Wax figures:

Wax figures
Wax figures, patiently waiting to be dipped

Here are links to two YouTube videos showing the process of making a bronze sculpture from beginning to end attached for those of you who are interested in the process. 

  How bronze sculptures are made  , 

and an old video, but it is very descriptive:  A to Z of creating a bronze sculpture  

Ceramic Shell:

                                                              Wax figures get a ceramic shell 

Casting the bronze:

Casting the bronze
Casting the bronze

After the wax is melted out of the shell, the bronze gets cast.


Wax figures gets a ceramic shell
You can’t picture these funny items, almost looking like branches of a tree, as getting to be flying figures at the end!


Hard at work
Hard at work


Bronzes lined up
Bronzes lined up

The greenish color is a patina.

Attached a you-tube video to show how to get a patina on a bronze.  How to Patina a Bronze   

I also use oil paint on some of the figures.

From here I needed more help to mount the figures on their stands and Francois and Jaco and Len were lifesavers!!

Getting mounted
Getting mounted


Jaco, mounting the sculpture
                                           Jaco, my brother, mounting one of the sculptures


Blind faith
                                  Blind faith   SOLD


Blind Faith Bronze Sculpture
Blind Faith Bronze Sculpture, Ready to take off and Fly   R14500

This little girl will brighten up any corner in your home, she is the ideal sculpture piece to add to your art collection.

Ideal addition to your art collection.
Ideal addition to your art collection. She looks at home in this beautiful setting surrounded by vintage bottles, plants and paintings. Beautiful home decor.


Blind Faith, Bronze Sculpture
Blind Faith, Bronze Sculpture, this girl is mounted on a vintage leather holder which I found in an Antique shop in Mossel Bay


Francois, mounting a sculpture
    Francois, mounting a sculpture 


Blind faith R14500
Blind faith SOLD

To see all the bronze sculptures or to purchase one, you can click on this link.  Original Art

Without the help of all these people mentioned in this post, this little girl would not have been here today.






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All Artwork © Mariaan Kotzé


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