Rather than turning the page, it’s much easier to just throw the book away.

Rather than turn the page.

I just have to start with this quote:

This quote by Anthony Liccione appeals to me big time in this stage of my life!

“Rather than turn the page, it’s much easier to just throw the book away.”

Mariaan Kotze My Art
Mariaan Kotze My Art

For those you who know my website, I hope you have noticed the new clean look.

For those of you who know me, notice my new short hair. It started by symbolic cutting late one night with my craft scissors, I have the tendency to do it once in 5 years or so, the last time was emotional cutting!! So after I was done with the cutting, my hair was only a bit shorter, but then I decided, what the heck, cut it off!!! Let it be symbolic of my new start. 

Throw away the book and start writing a whole damn new book, a beautiful one. I cut off all the old stories that don’t serve me anymore. 

I relocated to the artist town, Parys in the Freestate in November last year, round about that same time, I adopted a new positive mindset, although I tried to be positive anyway, I now aim to keep my vibrations high.

My new Whimsical creations:

I created a few whimsical artworks I want to share with you. 

Trust the quiet whisper of your heart
Trust the quiet whisper of your heart

This little blindfolded girl is my favorite. 

Candle holder girl
My fragile Candleholder girl looks a bit sad, she has stories to tell… The origami bird hanging inside her is a symbolic element of healing.


Butterfly Girl
Winged Butterfly Girl, this little one is very precious.

This lady is an absolute go-getter, looking at her each morning when your day begins, she will tell you to blossom into a Badass woman with more faith than fear!!! She can double up as a holder for your jewelry hanging over her stretched arm. 

“I have strength in my heart and clarity in my mind” -This message is written on her, take it for you. 


Collaboration with Riaan Pelser
Collaboration with Riaan Pelser

I teamed up with local artist and creative, Riaan Pelser, he transforms the ideas that I carry in my head into sculptures which I then paint. This Table Lady is his own design, I only dressed her with my brush. 

You are welcome to email me for more detailed images, for the availability, sizes, and prices of all these items.

My soul is in each and every artwork, I send love and blessings with each one. 

My new artworks differ a bit from what I did in the past. They are born out of a happy place in my heart.

I hope you will enjoy these images.

Be Blessed! 

Mariaan x

To see my art that is available, follow this link: Original Artworks Available






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All Artwork © Mariaan Kotzé


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