Step into Someone Else’s Shoes 12.5×17.5cm


12.5cm x 17.5cm Acrylic painting on Canvas Board


Step Into Someone Else’s Shoes

Meaning of the Work

A stunning artwork placing focus on a pair of worn out leather shoes. Although the painting seems simple on the surface, it portrays a much deeper meaning. The viewers are urged to look beyond the superficial, not just of this painting but with everything in life, to discover the true meaning of life. This is an essential part to being empathetic with the ones around you.

We take our blessings for granted and we are quick to judge others based on the little we know of them, but once we place ourselves in an other’s shoes we can easily see all we can be grateful for. On the other hand we learn to empathize with other’s situations.

Description of Stepping into Someone Else’s Shoes

The work is done in calming earthy tones, making the painting suitable for nearly any setting. This artwork will make a beautiful addition to any collection, and be a reminder of gratitude and empathy in your home.

Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 20 cm