Chapter One 60x60cm


Chapter One is a painting portraying our migration back towards our family. It shows elements of our current environment which we will leave behind.


Chapter One

Inspiration for Chapter One

As I prepare to move closer to my family, I am reminded of the beauty that currently surrounds me. This work is symbolic of my move to come, but shows elements in my current daily life. The truck is our neighbor’s, it is a beautiful vintage truck standing on display next to their house. The House it is carrying is the one we currently reside in.


The truck driving away from the viewer symbolizes our move away from where we currently are. The house is used to show our home, which is not determined by our environment, but rather the people e are surrounded by, this ties to where we are going, as we are moving closer to family, and that is what I consider as home. The sparrow is symbolic of our migration back “home”. The house is supported by tree branches, this portrays nature, which is what I value most, and where I get my energy and inspiration from. The trail of boxes indicates what we leave behind in order to grow.

Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 20 cm