Playing around with objects

Decor art on objects by Mariaan Kotze (13)

Today I want to share a few images of my playful art.

I just love it to transform found objects, old furniture, in fact, anything I can lay my hands on, into Decor items and functional art 

I had such a great photo shoot in Rosendal in the Freestate where my artist parents, Kobus and Joe Kotze live.  I took the image of the coat hanger in a ruin. I felt that the setting was absolutely perfect for my art. 

Quirky wall hanger / coat hanger
Found object coat hanger

Oh, and this was one of my many favorites, a huge burned-out match, it was sold to a woman who said she was going to hang it in their braai area above the braai – great!  And the photo shoot by Gerhard Bouwer   was just as much fun as the creation of the match!  

Burned out match , decor item
Artist with burned out match

 I like my creations to be quirky and whimsical. This little table stole my heart, this was one of my artworks I wish I could keep for myself…

Whimsical side table with porcelain doll legs
Whimsical side table with porcelain doll legs

Story telling through my art gives me much pleasure, the creating of still lifes, so to speak with combined items, put together like a glimpse out of another world.

This caged light and chair that could have been the Madd Hatters chair in Alice in Wonderland form an inviting corner.  The off white parts of these items were painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint

Mad Hatter - like chair with caged light
Mad Hatter – like chair with caged light

Unfortunately, I do not have better images of this little sunny side table, it is a Retro table out of the 60’s and is part of a set of two.  The smaller one, sliding in underneath this one.

Retro side table
Retro side table

Table for two, this little table is ideal for any romantic!  Invite your loved one to have a champagne breakfast. 

Tea for two at a Table for two
Tea for two at a Table for two

Not a perfect photo, but here you can see the leg of the table. The Owl and the Mermaid (which was a gift from a client), is from the Owl House in Nieu Bethesda

Table for two
Table for two

Pencils Pencils Pencils!!!  I went through a phase when I was pencil-mad! I think I should do a next blog post about my pencils!  There are a lot of stories to be told about that.  You are welcome to subscribe to my newsletter where I will keep you updated on that: Newsletter


Beautiful girls with my decor item- pencils
Beautiful girls with my decor item- pencils

I like it to collaborate with other artists and creative handy people, we strengthen each other by working together, and new ideas come easily, one starting out with something and the other person taking it to a next level. As they say:  two heads are better than one



Winged Lights
Here I am with Willie Visser who is capable of creating any three-dimensional object of a drawing I give him!

And a bit more playing around in Rosendal! These two girls walked by just as I was about to take a photo of my painted pillar, they rounded off the image perfectly. 

The two African girls and the Painted pillar...
The two African girls and the Painted pillar…

Most of us want one or two (or many!) unique items in our homes, objects that no one else will have in their art collections…or so I think, at least, that is how I am… therefore I try to create such items. 

My lucky No 6 table with dices
My lucky No 6 table with dices


There are not many things giving me a kick, like browsing pawn shops or walking around in scrap yards, waiting for items calling out to me!

As I like the idea of recycling, I tend to be attracted to neglected items. Oh, and the stories locked up in each item, it is as if I can “feel” them when I work with them.

And last but not least, a very playful coffee table, now this is something that will make a statement with its bright colors, and best of all, it is a coffee table and a storage space all in one! 

Coffee table with storage space
Coffee table with storage space

Are you like me, always in need of extra storage space? Any ideas for more artworks that can double up as storage? 





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All Artwork © Mariaan Kotzé


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