Phase 1 – Planning:

My artist sister  Hanlie Kotze and I are in the process to start a product range together.

For a while now we try out a few items and we played around with suppliers but we feel that a full-on product range featuring our art is long overdue.

After much contemplation and discussions for more than a year now, I hopped in my car and went to Hanlie for a few days for a planning session. 


Planning 101

Planning 101 – Two sisters, a lot of plans!

Planning 101:

Hanlie has three very talented children excelling in everything they do, therefore, she has a jam-packed program each afternoon. Driving her kids up and down after school between athletics, tennis, rugby, maths, and and and, gives her only mornings to work.

With my last child off to University this year, I can focus 100% on the task at hand and therefore I played the “admin” role together with Sonja, Hanlie’s very potent assistant. Sonja had her hands full with us and had to keep her cool with demands flying down on her from both sisters sides. 

We had a few days of planning, sourcing, and brainstorming. We droved Mrs. Google and Sonja mad! 

Selection process:

As Hanlie and I are both creative rather than organized, it was a bit of a challenge to try to pull everything together and we will do it bit by bit to give us the opportunity to slide into the whole process and not get overwhelmed.

We feel that our art, as we both do very symbolic paintings, lends itself to a combined venture.

We might even combine our images into one image in the future.

The selection process is always a big challenge for me as I need to narrow down my images and get it to a point of working together in some way, either color wise or bind by theme. I did a product range a few years ago but due to a too busy life and no systems in place, I decided to put it on hold.

 One of my drawbacks on that stage was that I used a crazy selection of images not going together in any way.

Paintings by Hanlie:

Hanlie is a very sought after artist and a product range will make her work more assessable to so many people.


Paintings by Hanlie Kotze

Paintings by Hanlie Kotze

Product images still to be sorted:

A few of my artworks cropped in circle templates to be used for our first products

A few of my artworks already cropped in circle templates to be used for our first products


The process laying ahead now is one of rounding off, we need to take a few final critical decisions and off we go. 

I will keep you posted and in the meantime, you are welcome to subscribe to my newsletter to be one of the first to get the information about the launch of each of our new products. 

We are looking forward to this new venture and invite you to be part of it. 

What product would you like to see in our collection?