And the virgin’s name was Mary


Once the center of attention under the spotlight to be admired, she has since been disposed of for there arose new trends that replaced her. But her life was long from over yet… she stumbled upon me, and I knew that I could revive her. Through my eyes, she was all but dead! In my mind, she would sprout into something even more beautiful than anything she has ever been.


Displayed on my workstation, she sat there – broken and haggard – staring blindly into nothingness. I sat there in silence with her empty body waiting for her to call upon me her destiny.  And then it came to me – she was created a virgin and forever will be pure and holy. Thus my choice to depict her as an angelic, graceful goddess.


Doves, historically associated with the Mother Mary herself, symbolizes nurture, devotion, purity, and peace and are seen as celestial messengers.



Rather mythical and quite divine she shall now be a love symbol that conveys a higher admiration for the true value of unconditional love.

(Credit to Drienie La Grange for this blog post)