Some people reckon I don’t have a life as I only want to work,  fact is, I love working, working is also my playing.

And, yes…

I do have a life.

Mariaan Kotze, taking time out

Mariaan Kotze, taking time out

Having fun dissecting a doll and transforming her into a sculpture

What can be more fun than dissecting a porcelain doll, rescuing her from her “Voortrekker Klere” and her conservative look and transforming her into a sculptural object!

Porcelain doll getting transformed

Porcelain doll getting transformed! 

Ok, all jokes aside…

I do go for the occasional glass of wine and I had a cup of coffee with my Annalie-friend today and I had a lovely time with my 3 daughters in Johannesburg over the weekend.

My time in Johannesburg: 

I kicked off the weekend with an refreshing drink after conquering the Jhb traffic on the first day of an Easter weekend.

Time-Out: a refreshing drink after conquering the Jhb traffic on the first day of an Easter weekend.

My daughter works at Anglo American and she introduced us to all the beautiful buildings and artworks surrounding her work building. 

I was pleasantly surprised!

Art and architecture

Art and architecture: History! 

One of my daughters had an acting workshop in Midrand with the amazing South African actress Simone Nortmann  and it was this workshop that leads to our time spent in Jhb. 

It is not often that I have all 3 my daughters with me.

We were introduced to the very trendy 1Fox  

We kicked the evening off with fat, beautiful glasses of Gin at The Little Fox Cocktail Bar.



                                            Exploring! Exploring!!

A magic, almost eerie building at 1Fox

Just look at this magic, almost eerie building at 1Fox

It is so inspiring to go to places like this. I want a little house like this! 

Night life in Johannesburg

Roaming the streets at night



                                        Waiting for my glass of Gin 

I had a Clemen Gold Gin

– I did a painting a while ago depicting a “ClemenGold moment” and this was my first opportunity to have a glass of this beautiful drink. I was not disappointed! You should try it! 

                                       Commissioned painting: “Langbeen Oomblikke”  – ClemenGold 

                                                         A selection of Gins at The Little Fox 

The Little Fox - Cheers!

The Little Fox – Cheers!

For those of you who haven’t been at 1Fox, it is a destination worth visiting. I usually go to Maboneng  when I am in Johannesburg, next time, 1Fox will most definitely be on my list again! 

Last Stop: 

Sunday morning, our last stop before I had to take my youngest daughter back to Pretoria was Fourways Farmers Market  I settled for a refreshing virgin Mojito as I had to drive back home. 

Fourways Farmers Market

Fourways Farmers Market


All work and no play:

Inspired after time away and after new experiences, I am ready for a new stretch of “all work and no play”… gluing my butt to my chair.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…

….makes Mariaan a dull girl…but that is fine… I like it… 

I jumped into my new week by completing a very special, symbolic, rabbit order. 

Little painted rabbit

Little painted rabbit

Before I end off this random blog post about a moment in time in Mariaan’s life, I want to introduce you to 3 of my girly paintings:

Girl in conversation with little bird: 18M20 35x45cm R3900

Girl in conversation with little bird:
18M20 35x45cm


"Feel" 35x45cm R3900

“Feel” 35x45cm R3900


"Blessed" 35x45cm R3900

“Blessed” 35x45cm


Thank you for being part of my journey. 












Inspired by my surroundings and the fact that I am at the sea, fishes keeps on featuring an the artworks I create while I am here

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