Blind Faith – Ready to Fly.

Blind Faith, Bronze Sculpture

Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture:

This sculpture is 25cm in height and 32cm from head (birds head) to the point of her little flipper-feet-toes.

She is R14500

Blind Faith is one of my more Spiritual artworks.

You will see that the girl is blindfolded. That is symbolic of trust. When you know it is time to break free and go, those times when you have to break out of situations where you should not be caught up in, or even when it is time to go to the next level in your life.

The bird is symbolic of your Inne Voice guiding you. Sometimes you just need to be still and listen to be able to hear that Voice.

There is a wealth of deep, quiet beautiful energy within you, as Deepak Chopra says

This message by Deepak Chopra goes perfectly with my Blind Faith sculpture:

Finding Expression 🌿

“We are here for a purpose.
Each of us has a calling.
Your life is whispering to you, all the time, gently guiding you to the fullest, most authentic expression of your soul.
Move with the flow of those whispers and you will become all you were meant to be.
Listen…héár your calling, what is waiting inside you that needs to be fully expressed?
Move towards knowing it, honoring it, then sharing it freely.
When you can do that, you will begin to experience the blissful, highest expression of yourself as a human being.
Trust that…
Speaking from the true self is the main way we can let our unique light shine so that the world can see it.
We are here to fulfill a purpose.
Our dreams and desires forge the path that leads us directly to the fulfillment of that purpose.
If we block it, we lose it.”
Oprah & Deepak Chopra


Artworks in flight


For some reason, wings have a way of finding their way into my art. Paintings and sculptures alike seem like they may soon take off and fly.

Wings have contrasting messages in my art, which vary from messages of peace and support to symbolism of escape and freedom.

Sometimes it is Angel wings, becoming intensely part of the object (of us) rather than just protecting us from close by and the next moment, those wings are there to help you escape, they are ready to take you to freedom.

Wooden Winged Bird R1950 


Take off and Fly
Take Off
Winged Lady

Baby Doll and the Sparrows:

The last 3 images include my Baby Doll up-cycled sculpture, even though she is wrapped and blindfolded, she also grew wings and she is ready to find magic.

The two Sparrows are double-winged. These paintings are both sold, but they are available in my blocked print range.

Please follow this link to my shop to find a beautiful selection of my blocked prints. New ranges will be added soon. 

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Sparrow MK03 Blocked Print
Trust the quiet whisper of your heart
Sparrow MK02 Blocked Print

Spread your wings of love and fly in someone’s sky of dream and imagination.     

Debasish Mridha