Kobus Kotzé – A short story

A short story Kobus Kotze

At 83, Kobus Kotzé celebrates 55 years as an artist with 55 paintings on exhibition.

(Written by his youngest son, Floris Kotze, owner of the Kotze Art Gallery in Bloemfontein.)

Child of God…






Born and raised on a farm, later a farmer himself. The Lord, however, first established his love for and knowledge of nature, light, colour, and clouds before He revealed his talent unto him.

Long, long ago, in 1967, at the age of 29, Kobus began to try his hand at the paintbrush.

By day, he was in nature among his sheep on his farm outside Aliwal-Noord.

A typical picture that played off in his life as a young artist/ farmer/ dad, the children always close by

A typical picture of early days on the farm

Kobus Kotzé – His Humble First Art Studio.

Below is a picture of his art studio on his farm where he painted at night and over weekends as a young man.

First humble art studio of Kobus Kotze
First humble art studio of Kobus Kotze

By night, when nature slept, colourful panoramas seethed from his being. Then he danced in front of his easel and the paint found eternal retreat in the detail of the most beautiful vistas.

Kobus received no formal education; he is blessed with God-given talent. However, he earnestly pursued self-training, research, study, and especially interaction with other artists and exposure to different art. He also owns an impressive collection of art books, especially on South African artists, but also the influential European Masters.

Over the years, he collected books, stamps, pocketknives, canes, clivias, and beautiful antiques… not to even mention his and Joe’s exquisite art collection!


Kobus collect first edition books of South African artists but also have a large general art collection.

Art Book collection
Art Book collection


He adores reading and devours thick books within hours.

Hand-in-hand with art, he cherishes a love for photography; his camera is always at hand. Since childhood, we had to be patient when the car pulled over on any turn, for Dad to capture a beautiful scene to be painted later. He has green fingers and works magic in the garden. He and Joe live healthy, close to nature.


Kobus appreciates order in his studio and the quality of his material is of the best the market offers.

He is hands-on and has always taken pride in well-equipped workshops, everything in its place, where he spends hours on new creations or breathes new life into something broken. Some of his paintings are simply spontaneously derived from images captured in his being over the years. Other works are mostly accurate versions of a specific scene. He has always felt, however, that an artist’s interpretation is more important than a mere accurate version of a subject or scene. Artistic freedom and spontaneity must be present in the work.

His art mediums are oil and watercolour. For many years, he was an Associate of the Watercolour Association of South Africa.


Kobus was one of the founding members of the Volksblad Art market in Bloemfontein and was a well-known face there.

Volksblad Kunsmark Bloemfontein
Volksblad Kunsmark Bloemfontein

During the early years, he regularly packed his car to the roof and drove country-wide on solo exhibitions. Exhibitions at shows and later also art festivals, such as KKNK, Aardklop, and others also followed. Over decades he became a familiar sight at arts festivals where he stands and paints. He always enjoyed the interaction with the public at festivals. A very hard worker, he can stand in front of his easel for hours on end, fixated.


Artist Kobus Kotze In the media (2)
Artist Kobus Kotze In the media

His art finds representation in several corporate and private collections in South Africa and overseas.

He is honest in his work and believes that an artist must never cease to learn.

Dad is the humblest artist that I know.

At almost 84 he is blessed to still be able to express his love for art in his orderly studio, listening to classical music. Age undoubtedly creeps closer without mercy, but in front of his easel, Kobus has the focus and rhythm of a young man.

5 Years ago, Kobus had a solo exhibition at Kotze Art gallery to celebrate his 50th year as an artist which was a huge success.


Artist Kobus Kotze In the media
Artist Kobus Kotze In the media

Almost 84, and still an active artist, it’s surely time for another solo exhibition.

To celebrate his 55th year as a full-time artist Kotze Art Gallery in Bloemfontein presents 55 prestige works by Kobus.

Over the years Kobus put away some of his best works and 55 of those works were carefully selected for this unique exhibition.

For those who cannot attend, we will have all the artworks for sale on the website and it will be available on our Facebook pages as well, also please feel free to contact us: Cell 0832452424

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/KotzeKunsgaleryArtGallery

Kobus Kotzé | kotzekuns

Kotze Art Gallery

Kobus loves his Creator.

His wife, Joe, is everything to him: his friend, colleague, and wife.

Kobus the husband
Kobus the husband

His children are etched deep into his heart, and he is always ready for a lively get-together. He enjoys visiting family and friends and an invitation always excites him.

Kobus the Dad
Kobus the Dad

An impressive man, equally at ease behind his easel, camera, the kitchen sink, in the garden, his workshop, or wielding braai tongs.

Kobus has 11 grandchildren and is closely involved in their lives.

Kobus the granddad
Kobus the granddad

He is a great father and grandfather, a wonderful husband, and a good friend. Dad is indeed a valuable example and wonderful inspiration.

We salute you!

We love you…


Kobus the man
Kobus the man

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All Artwork © Mariaan Kotzé


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