Playing around with objects

Today I want to share a few images of my playful art.

I just love it to transform found objects, old furniture, in fact, anything I can lay my hands on, into Decor items and functional art 

I had such a great photo shoot in Rosendal in the Freestate where my artist parents, Kobus and Joe Kotze live.  I took the image of the coat hanger in a ruin. I felt that the setting was absolutely perfect for my art. 

Quirky wall hanger / coat hanger

Found object coat hanger

Oh, and this was one of my many favorites, a huge burned-out match, it was sold to a woman who said she was going to hang it in their braai area above the braai – great!  And the photo shoot by Gerhard Bouwer   was just as much fun as the creation of the match!  

Burned out match , decor item

Artist with burned out match

 I like my creations to be quirky and whimsical. This little table stole my heart, this was one of my artworks I wish I could keep for myself…

Whimsical side table with porcelain doll legs

Whimsical side table with porcelain doll legs

Story telling through my art gives me much pleasure, the creating of still lifes, so to speak with combined items, put together like a glimpse out of another world.

This caged light and chair that could have been the Madd Hatters chair in Alice in Wonderland form an inviting corner.  The off white parts of these items were painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint

Mad Hatter - like chair with caged light

Mad Hatter – like chair with caged light

Unfortunately, I do not have better images of this little sunny side table, it is a Retro table out of the 60’s and is part of a set of two.  The smaller one, sliding in underneath this one.

Retro side table

Retro side table

Table for two, this little table is ideal for any romantic!  Invite your loved one to have a champagne breakfast. 

Tea for two at a Table for two

Tea for two at a Table for two

Not a perfect photo, but here you can see the leg of the table. The Owl and the Mermaid (which was a gift from a client), is from the Owl House in Nieu Bethesda

Table for two

Table for two

Pencils Pencils Pencils!!!  I went through a phase when I was pencil-mad! I think I should do a next blog post about my pencils!  There are a lot of stories to be told about that.  You are welcome to subscribe to my newsletter where I will keep you updated on that: Newsletter


Beautiful girls with my decor item- pencils

Beautiful girls with my decor item- pencils

I like it to collaborate with other artists and creative handy people, we strengthen each other by working together, and new ideas come easily, one starting out with something and the other person taking it to a next level. As they say:  two heads are better than one



Winged Lights

Here I am with Willie Visser who is capable of creating any three-dimensional object of a drawing I give him!

And a bit more playing around in Rosendal! These two girls walked by just as I was about to take a photo of my painted pillar, they rounded off the image perfectly. 

The two African girls and the Painted pillar...

The two African girls and the Painted pillar…

Most of us want one or two (or many!) unique items in our homes, objects that no one else will have in their art collections…or so I think, at least, that is how I am… therefore I try to create such items. 

My lucky No 6 table with dices

My lucky No 6 table with dices


There are not many things giving me a kick, like browsing pawn shops or walking around in scrap yards, waiting for items calling out to me!

As I like the idea of recycling, I tend to be attracted to neglected items. Oh, and the stories locked up in each item, it is as if I can “feel” them when I work with them.

And last but not least, a very playful coffee table, now this is something that will make a statement with its bright colors, and best of all, it is a coffee table and a storage space all in one! 

Coffee table with storage space

Coffee table with storage space

Are you like me, always in need of extra storage space? Any ideas for more artworks that can double up as storage? 





Emotional travel

7 Artists – 7 July – Vredenvlucht Art Exhibition

                              Vredenvlucht  Art Exhibition

                                           7 Artists- 7 July 

                                   An exhibition – 7 Artists @ The Vredenvlucht Venue in Loumarina

The artists taking part in this lovely exhibition are:  

Gretha Helberg

Hanlie Kotze

Dougie Du Toit

Karina Pienaar 

Mariaan Kotze 

Ric Holt

Stan Polsen

The exhibition will be held at Vredenvlucht  

For directions, please click on this link:  Vredenvlucht Loumarina 


I’m strong I’m brave:

Whimsical symbolic painting of girl with rabbit ears

Symbolic painting, girl with rabbit ears

In this composition, depicting a woman with rabbit ears. The rabbit symbolizes the fertility, sentiment, and vulnerability of females, thus the quote “Handmade with love…” In contrast to this side of femininity, there is the quote saying “I am STRONG, I am BRAVE …” showing that there is more aspect to being a woman. Being a woman is magical, even if it is sometimes difficult to deal with everything that is expected of you. Being a mother, caring for a family, having a career, being strong and still being feminine. Therefore the bird on the head of the “Rabbit-Woman” symbolizing the escape to creativity and fantasy. A rainmaker…bringing good luck



This painting shows a woman who is circled by two fish and a blank sheet of paper with only a coffee stain on it. Fish is a universal symbol of transformation. Just like the sheet of paper the woman is a blank sheet waiting to be transformed into whoever she wants to be. Our identity is an active project, it can be transformed over time and through our circumstances. We can write it and rewrite it as we please. This is what I tried to express through the painting. We get stained by circumstances, but those stains give character and add to our lives.



Fish - symbolic for transformation


                                                       Stillschweigend is German for “keep quiet”. Sometimes we need to keep quiet about who we are, where we are and where we want to be. The fewer people know about your personal growth (symbolized by the ferns around the portrait of the woman) the better, it allows you to do your thing without the judgment from others. It is also true that the things you tell people about yourself are far less true than the things you show through your deeds. There is no need to tell people about your transformation, for if it is true it will speak for its self. We can see the woman in the painting is content and happy even if she is a mere picture on canvas… Let your vibe do the talking.


Silence is virtue:

Symbolic painting - Silence is a Virtue

Symbolic painting – Silence is a Virtue

Much of the meaning behind this painting “Silence is virtue” is explained in Stillschweigend. For instance the way I feel about keeping quiet about goals etc. These two paintings share the theme of growth as well as the more obvious, silence.

The three feathers in this painting symbolize freedom and inspiration. According to many native cultures from various places on the planet, feathers are messengers from the gods, for me, messengers from angels, or simply a muse. Omens, showing us the way.

“Sin Meado” meaning “without fear” in Spanish. We should all aspire to dream and grow without fear.



Dragonfly - symbolic of adaptability

Portrait of a girl

In this composition we see a young girl, she has triangles painted above and below her eye, like a harlequin and a piece of paper is pasted over her lip saying “smile”. On her head is a no.6 ball and there are dragonflies flying around her head. This painting is a message to children from their parents, in this case, the mother. She wants her children to always be happy (the “smile”) The dragonflies symbolize adaptability to change, the mother wants her children to know that they can always adapt and that they can handle the curve balls life throws at them.


The key to …

The Key to, spiritual travel

The Key to, spiritual travel

This still life contains a suitcase on a surface, also on the surface is a feather. There is an envelope with a letter in it levitating in the air and three keys hanging from the wall. The theme of this artwork is the journey of life. The suitcase can symbolize either literal or figurative travel. The letter is the stories we accumulate over time, as well as the people we meet along the way. The keys are symbolic of our opportunities in life, each key unlocks a door to some other path in life. The feather is once again a symbol of the messages or our angels in life.

The question is where each key will take us, on which journey will we go if we choose to use the key and how will it affect the other elements in our journey.


New Beginning: 

, there always comes an end to all the parts of our journey and new chapters begin

     There always comes an end to all the parts of our journey and new chapters begin…

This is once again a story of a life journey, but in this case a specific time. It is the time of a new start. A key has been used and has unlocked No 12. One viewer does not know what room 12 means to another, each person has their own room no 12, and it is the change in the viewer’s life at the moment, the viewer should not be afraid to take on the new challenge. They should “Spread their wings and fly”. Under the title “New Beginnings” we see the number “07072017”, this refers to the date of the exhibition and in this case, the number seven is significant to the Biblical meaning. Seven is the number of completeness. It derives from the meaning from being tied directly to God’s creations of all things. Even if our bigger journey is never completed, there always comes an end to all the parts of our journey and new chapters begin. We can always trust in God to guide us through these chapters.  

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation

Thank you, Johan van der Merwe for this opportunity to exhibit at your great venue and for the wonderful way you contribute to the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation



1-2-3 – Buy art -Wrap- Courier

 1-2-3- ready steady – GO!
                                    Packing and shipping

Client receiving artwork

Well packed artwork arriving at client


Is it safe to buy art online and receive it by courier?

This answer I will give without a moment’s hesitation.

Tonight as I was sitting at my daughters MMA class, my mind began with this blog post.

I saw the analogy between one’s children and artworks, an artist’s “children”, which has to be bubble wrapped and protected. Fortunately for artists, we are able to literally wrap and protect our “children” when sending it off to the new homes and offices of art collectors, globally.

protecting art, protecting children

Mixed Martial Art , my child at MMA class

While we are not always in the position to protect our children against all bumps of life, we can protect our art while in transit!!

Packing art can be time-consuming and is not necessarily the best part of an artist’s job, but definitely an most important part.

It is also an honour to do this because it means someone enjoys looking at your artwork as much as you enjoy creating it! 

Getting artwork ready for couriers

Packing painted table to send it off to its new home.

Why I say it is safe to buy art online and receive it by courier

While postage systems in South Africa let us down in the past it was good in a sense as it forced private courier companies to up their game as a gap was emerging in the market to have things transported from point A to point B in a fast, safe and effective manner.

Wow, how courier companies managed to meet this demand in an era of growing online shopping and desire for instant results. 

Thanks to these services and competitive pricing we can wave goodbye to the days that we had to wait weeks before we could show off with stunning new artworks which transform our homes and offices.

At least 80% of my art is sold online and I can assure you that I send it worldwide without losing a night’s sleep as I know through experience that it will arrive speedily and safely at its new home.

Parcel on it's way to client.

Well paced parcel

A competent helper is always welcome in business…

Jaques helping me to wrap this sold Storyman functional art piece.

An employee helping me wrap this sold “Story-man” functional art piece.

I over-kill when wrapping my art, but rather safe than sorry! 

I believe in using too many layers of bubble wrap and to cover the artworks with boxes as well since my “creations” are in fact my “children”.

I invite you to Browse my website and Facebook page to see some of my latest creations.

See it, like it, buy it… It really is as easy as that! Let me worry about the logistics and make buying art a pleasurable experience for you. 

Receiving a new piece of art for your collection is now, also, just one click away. 

Painted Vintage Mannequin- abandoned…then recycled

And the virgin’s name was Mary


Once the center of attention under the spotlight to be admired, she has since been disposed of for there arose new trends that replaced her. But her life was long from over yet… she stumbled upon me, and I knew that I could revive her. Through my eyes, she was all but dead! In my mind, she would sprout into something even more beautiful than anything she has ever been.


Displayed on my workstation, she sat there – broken and haggard – staring blindly into nothingness. I sat there in silence with her empty body waiting for her to call upon me her destiny.  And then it came to me – she was created a virgin and forever will be pure and holy. Thus my choice to depict her as an angelic, graceful goddess.


Doves, historically associated with the Mother Mary herself, symbolizes nurture, devotion, purity, and peace and are seen as celestial messengers.



Rather mythical and quite divine she shall now be a love symbol that conveys a higher admiration for the true value of unconditional love.

(Credit to Drienie La Grange for this blog post) 


Healing hands, symbolic, emotional paintings

I had a new blog post ready but it felt so inappropriate with all the fires in the Garden Route and the storms in the Western Cape. 

I stayed in Mossel Bay for 3 years, I know people affected by the devastating fires and my heart goes out to each and everyone there.

All of us goes through dark times in our lives. When you are there, caught up in overpowering raw emotions, it feels like you will never see the light again. 

 I want to share a few “emotional” paintings I did during such times in my life.

Healing hands:

I did this painting as “payment” for my psychiatrist a few years ago, my medical aid – drained,  bank account in the red, me, running on empty. 

This was how I felt, stripped of everything, nothing left, the Dragonflies, symbolic of change, adaptability, and transformation, the feather, a messenger of the angles, picked up after my last session on my way out….I will be fine… the red string on my finger, a reminder that the sun will shine again…   Blank page, torn out of a book, a new page, a new chapter, a new beginning…


Time on a thin line:  

This painting I did during that same time in my life, I was on my way to Parys (Freestate) to open a shop (by the way, the shop was a disaster…just another setback) my tire burst and I rolled my car.

I had angles around me… a few scratches, my neck, and back a bit fragile, car written off, but I was fine. 

The feather, again, messenger, reminder… Naked, symbolic of how exposed I was feeling, The clock hanging on a thin string, symbolic of how easily that string can snap and our time can run out.    

New beginnings:

And this painting, more positive, a reminder that you have to get out of the dark. Arrows, like omens, showing the way…  Follow the light, new dimensions, new roads. Always, doors opening when doors close… Many many options to chose from. Listen to your inner voice and follow your gut… 



This painting I did earlier in my life, after working through a phase of depression.

Positive and happy again. Realizing I’m not a puppet, I have control over my own thoughts, my thoughts, playing a major role in my emotions. 

Assembled and ready to move on, each crack and bruise will stay part of me, but it is those reminders that keep us on track, that helps us grow and with every new setback, we stand up stronger…

“When there is nothing left to lose, we find the true self—the self that is whole, the self that is enough, the self that no longer looks to others for definition, or completion, or anything, but companionship on the journey.”

― Elizabeth Lesser – Broken Open –



Design: Jahwe Rohi Arabians

Jahwe Rohi Arabians (7)

                      From time to time I get the opportunity to collaborate with other creative people.
             There is nothing more energizing than working in a well synchronized and organized team,                                                                                           creating together.

Jahwe Rohi Arabians (5)Francois Grobler from “Steelshop”, commissioned me to do the design for the Arabian stud: Jahwe Rohi Arabians.
I had to take the image of this beautiful horse and convey it in a simplistic design, still recognizable as this specific horse.

Jahwe Rohi Arabians (8)
This design was laser cut and put, mirrored, on both sides of the entrance of this prestigious horse farm.

Steelshop in conjunction with Drienie La Grange, did the design for the gate and panels, which Francois and his team skillfully built and installed at the entrance of the farm.

Drienie and her team are busy with the paint techniques on the metal work, the walls still need to be painted and the cladding put on the side panels of the wall on which the name of this precious Arabian horse will be attached in laser cut letters.

Jahwe Rohi Arabians (6)


Jahwe Rohi Arabians (3)

I can’t wait to see the final product and will most certainly share some photos on my website as soon as everything is in place.

                                                            For now, I want to share our progress.


Thank you to Steelshop, trusting me with this design which I thoroughly enjoyed doing although it was a big challenge.

Inspired by Wine



“Let’s get drunk at midnight

Listen to our favourite songs

and kiss so much 

that our lips burn.”

This is a theme I used to do often but now only on the rare occasion.  Mostly when I get an order to capture someone’s love for wine and books. 

I still have a wine still-life or 3 floating around, if interested in paintings like these, please send me a mail to  and I will send you images of the last of my best sellers in my wine range.