Chapter One My thought process when creating my painting

The events in my life are some of my biggest inspirations for my art works. I love sharing my emotions, stories, and journey with my audience through my paintings.

This is the story of yet another move this time to my family, I consider this to be a move home.

blue ford pickup truck cabin and sparrow moving forward chapter one
Painting of blue ford pickup truck cabin and sparrow moving forward chapter one

Inspiration for Chapter One

As I prepare to move closer to my family, I am reminded to be grateful for everything this dwelling has gifted us with. We currently reside in the wooden house seen in the painting, it is a wonderfully spacious place located on the Vaal river in Vaaloewer.

It is a rejuvenating environment so closely intertwined with nature, and we have even become acquainted with a few of the animals living around the area including several “dassies” (rock hyraxes) that eat everything I plant and tend to sleep on our balcony, two mongooses, who are both very fond of stealing our food out of our plates while we are eating, and two beautiful owls who accompany us at night and a beautiful bunny with big brown eyes.

The elements of this painting are inspired by my surroundings. 

Although this painting is inspired by my journey, I feel that it captures a universal feeling. 

Things are always changing, it can be your relationship, a job, or in this case, your home, each of us can relate to that feeling of change, the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter. 

“There is always a new beginning. Doors are unlimited, always open, if one closes at that moment the other opens..”

― Vandana Agarwal

Symbolism of Chapter One

The Sparrow

I have always had a fascination with sparrows and in a way resonate with the nature of these beautiful birds. As sparrows migrate from one place to another with the change of seasons, they always return to their exact nests the next season. 

The Tree Branches

Nature is one of my biggest sources of inspiration and energy, it is also in nature where I can truly feel at home. Our current house as well the house we are moving to are both surrounded by nature.
The trees also symbolizes a sort of grounding.
The new leaves sprouting from some of the branches indicates the new beginning that is to come.

The Truck, and Boxes

The way that the truck is driving away from the viewer with the trial of boxes shows the process of moving away, the boxes trailing along indicates the life that you are leaving behind. 

 As I page through my albums of my paintings I can see a recurring theme in my paintings of letting go and moving on. 

Moving a lot since I moved out of my parents house after school, I crave to come to a standstill now. 

I think I might end off this chapter with a few more symbolic “relocation” paintings and then I will explore a settling down and growth series. It is interesting to see how each new chapter in my life influences my art. I am looking forward to seeing what paintings will sprout when I am in my new life. 

I will keep you posted. 

Repeat – My themes are recurring:

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What we call the beginning is often the end.

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Thank you for reading this post and for being part of my crazy journey! 

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All Artwork © Mariaan Kotzé


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