Decorating a bedroom in Saudi Arabia with African Imagery

Saudi Arabia with African Imagery

My artworks have travelled further than I have! I often smile about this fact, but a girl can only dream of the worlds her artworks will explore. To give you context, a client recently commissioned three artworks for his home in Saudi Arabia. How it happened: Recently, a client requested a series of paintings to […]

“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.”

Painting of girl and her dog friend .

“Animal Friends Captured on Canvas”  Not many words are necessary to accompany these images, any animal lover will know the bond between people and their pets and horses and might understand why they want to commission paintings of these four legged friends of them.  “My dog and I” “Every once in a while a dog enters […]

Transformation of an Art Deco style Cabinet

A Cabinet Commission Last year this time I received an email from Max, the owner of the Oakdene guesthouse ( in Oudshoorn. Max bought an Art Deco style cabinet that he wanted me to transform into an artwork. He sent me some photos of the room to get the feel of the space and I […]


I have a few clients who challenges my creativity with each new project. I thrive on these commissions. Anything out of the ordinary, merging objects that otherwise would not go together, abandoned and broken, they find each other and synergise.   I have a few clients who challenges my creativity with each new project. I […]

Commissioned Artworks

I get a lot of very interesting commissions, I want to share a few of the special commissions I did. Some clients become friends and the appreciation of the work I did for them is inspiring and satisfying. It is such an honour to get a little peek into people’s lives and hearts and to […]

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