Daisy in a Delft bowl

My thought process and journey to a painting

Creating a painting, the route I take: I want to share a peek into my head as I create a painting. I start by staring at the blank canvas on my easel, trying to connect to it, trying to feel it… At this stage, I want either silence, but mostly rather loud music, the choice […]

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Bronze sculpture Blind Faith

Ready to take off girl

As a student, I majored in sculpture but never got to do any sculptures after I finished my studies…until recently.  My “Blind Faith” limited edition sculpture is born.  Blind Faith is a very symbolic sculpture.  This girl is blindfolded, this is symbolic of trusting, trust your inner voice a Higher Hand, the omens crossing your […]

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Art inspired by Matisse

Inspired by Matisse

Henri Matisse In 2016 I had the privilege to attend an exhibition of  Henri Matisse  with my three daughters and a friend at the Standard Bank Art Gallery in Johannesburg. I took these images of my daughters, as I immediately saw the potential for paintings in these scenes.  Here is the outcome.   I also […]

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Cats and Vision boards

Positive affirmation and financial intelligence

Not much to do with my art…  If I may…?! And this might be the most unstructured post I ever did!  I thought I knew what I had in mind for this blog post, and now that I sit in front of my computer, I feel lost! Information and visions: I think each of us […]

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Art exhibition: Daniel Novela and Mariaan Kotze

What an honor! Exhibiting with Daniel Novela is such an honor. My first memories of this humble guy: I moved to Klerksdorp in 1997 and I always saw this guy sitting with his beautiful small paintings, displayed on the paving in front of the Game shop. Needless to say, I followed his career with fascination […]

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A bunch of artists, can I call us that?

A bunch of Artists, all cropped in one family

I have walked around with the idea in my head of doing a blog post about my artist family for a while now. This morning when I woke up, I felt that it was the right time to do this post. There is something very special about the fact that our family has a long history […]

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To do or not to do

As an artist, like most other artists, I’m very scatterbrained and struggle with routine. Although a lot of people assume that artists only create, we need to establish a business.  Part of our day to day`s activities is admin, marketing and keeping our websites up to date. This post is dedicated to all the mom’s out […]

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