Captured Moments – My first Solo exhibition

Solo exhibition at Kotze Art Gallery in Bloemfontein
Solo exhibition at Kotze Art Gallery in Bloemfontein

                                  “Captured Moments”

                                                          “Because every picture has a story to tell…”

                           Moments define memories:

As I am turning 50 in July, I decided to do my first ever one-man exhibition.

It felt appropriate to have this exhibition at  Kotze Art Gallery as Floris, my brother, and Anine, his wife, are the owners of this wonderful space. The gallery itself is beautiful and the setting will complement my paintings.

This is an exhibition for celebration on the one side, but also a gratitude exhibition to show my appreciation for so many clients who believed in my art and supported me over all these years.


I Kobus Kotze, my dad, a well known artist, in this painting.
I captured  Kobus Kotze  , my dad, a well-known artist, in this painting. 35x45cm  R7800 

I took a photo of my dad in  The Oliewenhuis Art Museum  in Bloemfontein while he was studying a painting in their permanent collection. It was suggested by a friend that I put a little bird on the frame as I do a lot of birds in my paintings. I decided that it should be a little Koringvoël  as there are 3 little Koringvoëls that always show up first when my dad is feeding the birds. 

                    “Kobus Kotze looking at Kobus Kotze”

Kobus Kotze looking at Kobus Kotze looking at a painting
Kobus Kotze looking at Kobus Kotze looking at a painting

A special, special image of my dad studying the painting I did of him. 

The paintings, part of a body of work with the theme: “Captured Moments”, will be offbeat from typical work, although, I must say, with my restless nature, I never had a typical style as I play around with themes, from more whimsical and symbolic to more sentimental.

This, however, is a step away from everything I did before.

                             Little still life oil paintings 

Still life paintings, not my usual scene
Still life paintings, not my usual scene – 15x20cm  Oil on canvas


15x20cm – an Oil painting of silver vintage sugar pill holder


                         Each painting: a little snapshot:  

The beauty that exists in my small world
Each painting is a little snapshot.  “Emerge”  35x45cm  


                                                  “Discussion” 30x70cm 


                            “There is an inner wakefulness that directs the dream”  30x70cm 

                                                                           Quote by Rumi   

Most of the paintings sprout out of personal captured moments. A few are very sentimental and significant in the sense that people close to me feature in them.

As emotions are universal, I feel that most of these images might resonate with the viewer.

I cannot instill with paint, smell or sound but I attempt to evoke emotion. That certainly can be captured on canvas and my wish is that I will be able to do this.

Each painting is like a little snapshot. This is my way to present to the viewer my personal connections with the beauty that exists within my small world.

We are caught up in the passage of time, images reveal themselves as I moved through life. I see paintings in words, in music, in an atmosphere, and in scenes that playoff in front of me.

Walk on the beach: 90x73: R14 500
                             Walk on the beach: 90x73cm


Opening evening at Kotze Art gallery
                                        Opening evening at Kotze Art gallery


                                               A beautiful video by Riaan 

Rian from "Odd Looking Tree Productions" taking photo's for the marketing video.
Riaan, taking photos for the marketing video.  So much patience and creativity! 

                                 My start with bronzes: 

My first bronze sculpture, except for two I did years ago as a student, will also be for sale at the exhibition as well as a once-off I did as a student. 

Bronze sculpture: Limited edition “Blind Faith:

“Blind faith”, my new sculpture, will be part of a limited edition consisting out of 10 bronzes. Each one will, however, be different as they get an oxidized finish and you cannot manipulate the color and each base will differ as well. 

My next blog post will be about the process from beginning to end on my bronze, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter if you don’t want to miss it. 

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  1. Well done and I just love the sculpture. You bring so much joy with your work. Proud of you.

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