An extended vacation after a great exhibition: my update

Fish Painting
Treasures on the beach
Treasures on the beach

We had fun and a lot of hard work in between!

Can you believe that we transformed the empty space below in this magic “gallery” above in a few very busy hours!!

I want to rewind a bit, as I want to cover my working holiday trip, as this post is not just about an exhibition update.

First stop:

Bloemfontein, we stayed over at my lovely sister in law, Michelle and also had the luxury to see my parents, a quick visit and a bit of rest after months of really hard work.  

Mom and dad, always a welcome recharge to see them.


And then we hit the road, on our way to the beautiful Western Cape
At last, we hit the road, we are on our way to the beautiful Western Cape – Next stop, Robertson 

Rietvallei and preparation for our all girls exhibition:

 And then the hard work starts:  figuring out what to display where  

My daughters, not knowing what to help with midst all the chaos, ends up indulging in a lovely bottle of Rietvallei wine! I must say, in the end, all the girls were such a great help, especially with the sales, wrapping up and packing up afterward  

Artists in action, not behind the easel this time, but hanging paintings, Juanette and Glendine, I love you to bits!!! 

Helena and her very helpful husband,  an absolutely stunning couple! Figuring out how to display her art 

De Munck, Jeanette’s husband, always on the work with every exhibition and doing everything with so much grace, dedication and in such a calm way.

And then it was time for the opening, what a great evening!  All in all, it was a huge success, great sales, new friends and connections and happy moments. Thank you so much to our hosts, Kobus, and the beautiful, vibrant Elizabeth from Rietvallei for giving us the exhibition space and to Juanette Menderoi   for arranging everything!

I even ended up giving art classes to a bunch of beautiful little people!
I even ended up giving art classes to a bunch of beautiful little people!

Rietvallei done and dusted, moving on to the next phase of our time in the Western Cape!

Mimosa Lodge in Montagu 

Mimosa Lodge Montagu
 Mimosa Lodge – Montagu 

Here we had a lovely stay with Bernard and Fida, the owners of the Lodge, Bernard is a world-renowned chef and their food and wines are the best! Thank you for special times you two!    

Holiday in Mossel Bay

So great to be back here for a few days, real holiday time, meeting up with old friends and chilling on the beach. 

My 3 stunning daughters – we were full house for a weekend before my oldest daughter had to go back to Gauteng. 

Unexpected extended holiday: 

Without planning it, my holiday that should have been over after out time in Mossel Bay, turned out to become a working holiday, I was asked to house-sit an artist friend’s flat overlooking the lagoon in Hartenbos, but first, off to Helena and Anton in Knysna for a few days, I end up painting with Helena at her gallery in Knysna. You have to visit it or at least follow her art on Facebook! (Follow the link underneath the photo of her painting)

a Painting by Helena Gerber
a Painting by Helena Gerber in her gallery

I made myself at home in the kitchen in Helena’s gallery 

The outcome of my artworks I did while overlooking the lagoon in Hartenbos. 

Inspired by my surroundings and the fact that I am at the sea, fishes keeps on featuring an the artworks I create while I am here
As my holiday officially came to an end although I am still not back in my own studio in Northwest, I started working full on again.                                Privileged to have a beautiful view and the opportunity to go for early morning walks alongside the sea. 

For those of you who know my art, know that I love painting fishes, but now, inspired by my surroundings and the fact that I am at the sea, fishes keep on popping up even more.

The other nice thing about Mossel Bay is all the antique and pawn shops where I can get treasures to paint on.

Painted ceramic bowl

Playful painted ceramic horse- I immediately knew I want to lay my hands on this little horse when I stumbled upon it.

Painted Wooden Bowl

This painting was commissioned by the landlord from whom we rented our holiday flat in Mosselbay.

Last few days at the sea:

I did the dragonfly illustration for this book and received the book just in time to have it with me for a welcoming escape reading on the beach. Lunch with a dragonfly Leverne Mountany takes you to other times and other worlds. Ideal reading material when you are on holiday! Thank you so much Leverne.  

And to all my friends and “followers”: 

May you all have a good rest and bits of happiness and beauty in each of these last few days of 2018.






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All Artwork © Mariaan Kotzé


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