Only 16 years old and this young artist is already an avid art collector!

My youngest client:

Kabous de Wet

I’m so impressed with one of my youngest clients.

At the age of 16 he already owns a collection of art that will make any collector jealous!! Me anyway, there are a few art pieces in his collection that I wish was part of my collection. I must say that I feel honored to have a few of my artworks as part of that collection. 

Not only is this winsome young man an avid collector of art, but he is also a very promising artist!

A few of the artworks in his collection

A few of the artworks in his collection, a paper mache giraffe that I painted between paintings by Mies   ,Hannetjie De Clercq   and a Sandra Pelser 

I asked Kabous a few questions: 

Mariaan: “Since what age did you start collecting art?”

Kabous:   “The first time I began to collect art for myself, was in 2016, at age 12. Most March vacations me and my sister got “spending money”. The KKNK of 2016, was the first time I saw Sandra Pelser Art. I remember this feeling of shock, and amazement, running through my head. I used all my money on about 5 prints. It was at Decorex, later in 2016, when I first met the amazing artist herself.”

Sandra Pelser and a lovely Hannetjie de Clercq

Sandra Pelser and a lovely Hannetjie de Clercq

Mariaan: “A lot of children grow up in homes of art collectors but kids rarely collect art, how did you start?”

Kabous: “Since I was little; colorful, interesting objects and images stole my attention. Art must have been the unconscious foundation of my creativity, it gave me a way to notice detail, the small things easily missed without careful eyes… Growing up in this utopia, of love and spectrums; it gave me different ways to look at the detail. And to appreciate, what others see as “odd” or different!”

Mariaan: “You like to connect with artists, how you go about reaching out to them?”

Kabous: “When we want to get more information about an artwork, we prefer to contact the gallery of this specific artist or their Facebook page. I usually don’t want to intrude, by contacting the artist personally. Privacy and someone’s own space is something to be left alone. A person’s eyes are also so sacred to me. This is the place of your life story, also where your demons hide…”

Sculptures and pottery by Charmaine Heyns

Sculptures and pottery by     Charmaine Haines 

Looking at the large collection of Charmaine Haines artworks, she is definitely a favorite. 


Paintings by Martin Heyns and one of my artworks.

Paintings by Terese and one of my artworks.


Kabous Art Collection - Christo Coetzee and Picasso

Kabous Art Collection –  Christo Coetzee and Picasso – humbled to have my artworks between these two artists! 

Mariaan: “I know your mom is very supportive, I find that sometimes dads don’t want their kids, especially their sons to do art, does your dad understand your passion for art and support you?”

Kabous: “Surely, most, fathers would love the perfect sporty son; but in my father’s case that wasn’t part of his “lucky packet”. For a “stoere boer” the art world must have been a shocker. He has his own way to show his support, and we know he stands proud! You don’t have to change the things you look at…. You’ll have to change the way you look at things.”

Artworks by Hennie Nieman

Artworks by Martin Haines , Hennie Nieman and Walter Battis

Kabous: “In these past few years; someone like Ilze du Preez, of Showroom Gallery  really means so much to me! She opened the first door for me, for buying my first “collectors-artwork”. I am grateful for, and respect her so much! The artist Chris Spies ; also plays a phenomenal roll by giving advice. He gave me some of his own “kuns-bybels”, that meant the world to him and which he also used for studying. These artists, and others like Hannetjie de Clercq, Hanlie and Mariaan Kotze, Charmaine and Martin Haines, Hennie Niemann Snr, Therese Rink, Christoff Kruger, and my loving mother; are all true at heart, and for each of them and even more, I am so thankful that the Lord has brought them into my life…”

Hennie Nieman, Chris Spies and Hanlie

Hennie Nieman, Chris Spies and Hanlie Kotze


A unique item indeed, the "pallet" of Ronald West and another painting by Hennie Niemann

A unique item indeed, the “pallet” of Ronald West and another painting by Hennie Niemann

It’s hard to identify if a young artist will become a national success. And not all can afford the best of the best! ‘Lay-buy’ is the best option that works for me, and the only way to buy good art; it just makes you appreciate the work more if you wait… To buy artworks of a well-known, still producing artist that is best for your pocket, is not a bad idea! Later on, the artist’s work will only gain more in value.

Artist: Kabous

I think we should just get Kabous to at least start an artist page on Facebook and Instagram and start marketing his art. 

This young artists art blows my mind and I am the proud owner of one of his linocuts and of a T-shirt with one of his artworks featuring on it. This young artist has more talent than he realizes, much more than some artists that are full time in the art game, don’t you think?! 

Please contact Kabous for more information about any of his artworks, my gut feeling tells me that this is someone we need to “follow” and that this young guy will turn out to be an amazing artist if he keeps on pursuing his art. 

Art by Kabous: Sel: 0662227820

Art by Kabous: Sel: 0662227820



These expressionistic work of Kabous are packed with symbolism and emotion. 

Mariaan: “Will you please share a few of your own artworks, what triggered you to start creating art?

Kabous: “In 2016 after visiting Nieu-Bethesda, I found my muse… And ever since my style never was the same. At first, I never wanted to get near oil, and now it’s all paint I prefer.  I also love Linocuts..! My thoughts and inspiration come and go, like tamed birds in an open cage.”

Lino-cuts by Kabous

Lino-cuts by Kabous: “Leeftyd”

                                              Lino-Cut “Eva” 



                          Lino-Cut: “Dans en droom rym?” The emotion in these works is unreal!


An intense, vibrant, expressionistic, art piece by Kabous.


A gift I got from Kabous, I treasure this T-shirt!

A gift I got from Kabous, how I treasure this T-shirt!


Thank you Kabous for the inspiration, I, as a “worn” artist, can get from an enthusiastic young artist like you. 

I am watching you and I FEEL that you will make your mark in this world, even if it is not with your art. 

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