Just look at this! Odd Looking Tree captured my world as an artist perfectly for me, Mariaan.


Rian from Odd Looking Tree Productions

Rian from Odd Looking Tree Productions filming my painting process. (Rian: Cell: 0824743441)

Almost a year ago Rian did a marketing video for me for my first ever one-man exhibition in Bloemfontein at Kotze Art Gallery

The video was very specific for the gallery and exhibition marketing but it was so great that I did not want to just let it “die a still death”.

I asked Rian to change the video for me, to make it timeless. His “artwork-video” should be seen again and I feel that he captured me, as an artist, and my art in such a great way. 

I will let the video do the talking in this blog-post:

Enjoy and please share with friends.

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