Mannequin – Lady Labyrinth

Painted Mannequin - Lady Labyrinth

Painted Mannequin – Lady Labyrinth R5800 

Lady Labyrinth (above) was a lovely project to jump-start my year with.



The author of the book: Lunch with a Dragonfly by the psychiatrist Levern Mountany, whom has a Labyrinth at her practice.

Click on the link below to explore her connection with Labyrinths. 

Tabula Rasa -workshop facilitators

Lunch with a Dragonfly:

Here I am on the beach reading my copy of Lunch with a dragonfly.

Symbolism of Dragonflies

Lunch with a Dragonfly by Levern Mountany

Lunch with a Dragonfly by Levern Mountany

Bumblebee and the Mannequin:


Painted Mannequin

The Bumblebee and the Mannequin

If you want to read the story about the above mannequin, you can click on below link:

The story about “The Bumble Bee and the Mannequin”


Painted Mannequin in her new home

The Mannequin in her new home

One of my Facebook friends saw the painted mannequin and contacted me and told me she has mannequins she wants to sell.

The silver girl arrived: 

Not long after that, I very excitedly picked up my parcels at the courier, unfortunately, the silver mannequin had to wait for a while and had to be sanded down, before I could lay my hands on her. 

Old Silver Mannequin

Old Silver Mannequin


The silver, gone and a lighter Mannequin emerged

The silver, gone and a lighter Mannequin emerged

Information regarding Lady Labyrinth: 

Lady Labyrinth:

In the midst of a warm summer evening, through the sweat and imagination of my creator, I had been reborn.

From an old, rejected mannequin she transformed me and commended me Lady Labyrinth.

She dressed me in florals in celebration of the spring of my life, and around my neck, she hung a dragonfly to bless me with knowledge and the power to adapt.

A blessing which I would pass along to you.

In spite of my background of “rejection”, I was placed in this artists care and she put time and energy into my ‘reincarnation’, thus I am a symbol of change for the better, a symbol of growth and hope.

Upon my core, she formed a labyrinth, a birthing womb of a goddess, and symbol of self-integration.

My back, shaded with teal has been placed as an emphasis on women’s godly duty of caring, creating and healing the space around them.

The lotus flower on my upper back connects to this in the way that it is symbolic of purity and patience.

I, Lady Labyrinth, have been created in celebration of women, and as a symbol of all things pure and wonderful.    

Painted Mannequin - Lotus Flower

Painted Mannequin – Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower on her back: 

For the sake of interest, I will add a link to a website where you can read more about the symbolism of the Lotus Flower.

The symbolism of the Lotus Flower

Painted Mannequin

Painted Mannequin

Before I end off this post, I want to add an image of a bust of a mannequin I did a while ago.

Again, you can follow this link to see and read more about her:

Painted vintage Mannequin

Holy Lady

Holy Lady

And from me and Lady Labyrinth, we wish you well!

I would love to know which of the three Mannequins are your favorite?



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