Positive affirmation and financial intelligence

Not much to do with my art…  If I may…?!

And this might be the most unstructured post I ever did! 

I thought I knew what I had in mind for this blog post, and now that I sit in front of my computer, I feel lost!

Cats and Visions

Cats and Visions

Information and visions:

I think each of us had the experience before of starting to read about something and all of a sudden you notice people around you talking about that exact same topic and books and posts related to the subject cross your path.

Well, on this topic, all of a sudden info cross my path out of all directions and therefore I want to share this with you.

Financial intelligence: 

I read  “The richest man in Babylon”   by George S Clasen and Think and grow rich  by Napoleon Hill a few years ago and although I found it very inspiring and insightful, I was, sadly, not ready to absorb and use the information as I should have. 

Think and Grow Rich:

I did a post about the exact same topic in September 2017 with images and quotes.

Click on the link below.

    Quotes: Think and grow rich”

Quotes-by-Napoleon-Hill-Think and grow rich Artist-Mariaan-Kotze-5-768x768

Quotes-by-Napoleon Hill:  Think and grow rich     Painting:  Mariaan-Kotze


Tony Robbins:

At this stage, I am busy reading a book by Tony Robbins: “Money: Master the game” 

A must read if you want to improve your knowledge about finances, and it gives me hope, it helped me realize that I’m not too old to get to a point of financial freedom….urgh… not that easy though, but I will do it!!! 

Even though Tony is not aware of my existence, he is my hero and mentor, if I go through a tough time and tend to slip emotionally, I go to YouTube and listen to anything by Tony! 

Do yourself a favor and watch this video, no, every video you can find! 

 Marie Forleo and Tony Robbins in conversation   

Structured information combined with the esoteric: 

Although I read a lot about finances, I love to apply the “abstract” approach as well.

The use of positive affirmation and mantras to attract what I want in my life.

I did a Vision board for 2018 and it really helped me to direct my thoughts.

I found this blog post by Cheynne Diaz that describe the use of vision boards well.

  Vision Board: A powerful tool to manifest your life desires   

Vision Board: 

Below, an image of our cat exploring my vision board.

Ginger Cat and my Vision Board

Ginger Cat and my Vision Board


I took the whole process a step further by implementing it into my art!

I did this whimsical painting that is for sale, I think it might be a powerful addition to hang near your vision board in your study or bedroom, or even in your cupboard for that matter, to strengthen your message to the universe! 

I am a Money Magnet

I am a Money Magnet

                                                  “I am a Money Magnet”     39x67cm   R2200

If you are interested in this painting, please send me an email to kotzeart@gmail.com

Any thoughts about getting forward in life on a financial level?

Please feel free to share it with me, especially insightful books or posts that I can read. 

Enjoy your journey…
















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