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 1-2-3- ready steady – GO!
                                    Packing and shipping

Client receiving artwork

Well packed artwork arriving at client


Is it safe to buy art online and receive it by courier?

This answer I will give without a moment’s hesitation.

Tonight as I was sitting at my daughters MMA class, my mind began with this blog post.

I saw the analogy between one’s children and artworks, an artist’s “children”, which has to be bubble wrapped and protected. Fortunately for artists, we are able to literally wrap and protect our “children” when sending it off to the new homes and offices of art collectors, globally.

protecting art, protecting children

Mixed Martial Art , my child at MMA class

While we are not always in the position to protect our children against all bumps of life, we can protect our art while in transit!!

Packing art can be time-consuming and is not necessarily the best part of an artist’s job, but definitely an most important part.

It is also an honour to do this because it means someone enjoys looking at your artwork as much as you enjoy creating it! 

Getting artwork ready for couriers

Packing painted table to send it off to its new home.

Why I say it is safe to buy art online and receive it by courier

While postage systems in South Africa let us down in the past it was good in a sense as it forced private courier companies to up their game as a gap was emerging in the market to have things transported from point A to point B in a fast, safe and effective manner.

Wow, how courier companies managed to meet this demand in an era of growing online shopping and desire for instant results. 

Thanks to these services and competitive pricing we can wave goodbye to the days that we had to wait weeks before we could show off with stunning new artworks which transform our homes and offices.

At least 80% of my art is sold online and I can assure you that I send it worldwide without losing a night’s sleep as I know through experience that it will arrive speedily and safely at its new home.

Parcel on it's way to client.

Well paced parcel

A competent helper is always welcome in business…

Jaques helping me to wrap this sold Storyman functional art piece.

An employee helping me wrap this sold “Story-man” functional art piece.

I over-kill when wrapping my art, but rather safe than sorry! 

I believe in using too many layers of bubble wrap and to cover the artworks with boxes as well since my “creations” are in fact my “children”.

I invite you to Browse my website and Facebook page to see some of my latest creations.

See it, like it, buy it… It really is as easy as that! Let me worry about the logistics and make buying art a pleasurable experience for you. 

Receiving a new piece of art for your collection is now, also, just one click away. 



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