Healing hands, symbolic, emotional paintings

I had a new blog post ready but it felt so inappropriate with all the fires in the Garden Route and the storms in the Western Cape. 

I stayed in Mossel Bay for 3 years, I know people affected by the devastating fires and my heart goes out to each and everyone there.

All of us goes through dark times in our lives. When you are there, caught up in overpowering raw emotions, it feels like you will never see the light again. 

 I want to share a few “emotional” paintings I did during such times in my life.

Healing hands:

I did this painting as “payment” for my psychiatrist a few years ago, my medical aid – drained,  bank account in the red, me, running on empty. 

This was how I felt, stripped of everything, nothing left, the Dragonflies, symbolic of change, adaptability, and transformation, the feather, a messenger of the angles, picked up after my last session on my way out….I will be fine… the red string on my finger, a reminder that the sun will shine again…   Blank page, torn out of a book, a new page, a new chapter, a new beginning… 



Time on a thin line:  

This painting I did during that same time in my life, I was on my way to Parys (Freestate) to open a shop (by the way, the shop was a disaster…just another setback) my tire burst and I rolled my car.

I had angles around me… a few scratches, my neck, and back a bit fragile, car written off, but I was fine. 

The feather, again, messenger, reminder… Naked, symbolic of how exposed I was feeling, The clock hanging on a thin string, symbolic of how easily that string can snap and our time can run out.    

New beginnings:

And this painting, more positive, a reminder that you have to get out of the dark. Arrows, like omens, showing the way…  Follow the light, new dimensions, new roads. Always, doors opening when doors close… Many many options to chose from. Listen to your inner voice and follow your gut… 



This painting I did earlier in my life, after working through a phase of depression.

Positive and happy again. Realizing I’m not a puppet, I have control over my own thoughts, my thoughts, playing a major role in my emotions. 

Assembled and ready to move on, each crack and bruise will stay part of me, but it is those reminders that keep us on track, that helps us grow and with every new setback, we stand up stronger…

“When there is nothing left to lose, we find the true self—the self that is whole, the self that is enough, the self that no longer looks to others for definition, or completion, or anything, but companionship on the journey.”

― Elizabeth Lesser – Broken Open –  




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