Design: Jahwe Rohi Arabians

Jahwe Rohi Arabians (7)

                      From time to time I get the opportunity to collaborate with other creative people.
             There is nothing more energizing than working in a well synchronized and organized team,                                                                                           creating together.

Jahwe Rohi Arabians (5)Francois Grobler from “Steelshop”, commissioned me to do the design for the Arabian stud: Jahwe Rohi Arabians.
I had to take the image of this beautiful horse and convey it in a simplistic design, still recognizable as this specific horse.

Jahwe Rohi Arabians (8)
This design was laser cut and put, mirrored, on both sides of the entrance of this prestigious horse farm.

Steelshop in conjunction with Drienie La Grange, did the design for the gate and panels, which Francois and his team skillfully built and installed at the entrance of the farm.

Drienie and her team are busy with the paint techniques on the metal work, the walls still need to be painted and the cladding put on the side panels of the wall on which the name of this precious Arabian horse will be attached in laser cut letters.

Jahwe Rohi Arabians (6)


Jahwe Rohi Arabians (3)

I can’t wait to see the final product and will most certainly share some photos on my website as soon as everything is in place.

                                                            For now, I want to share our progress.


Thank you to Steelshop, trusting me with this design which I thoroughly enjoyed doing although it was a big challenge.

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