When time ran out

Today I want to share three paintings of a range of paintings I am working on for an art exhibition in April at Longstreet Art; in Pretoria.

The theme of the exhibition: “From broken open to breakthrough”. 
I got a few rugged canvases from a friend in Mossel Bay more than a year ago, I picture an old lady, asking her husband to make it for her, dress material stretched over home-made pine frames, painted with an undercoat.
I did not want to use it for conventional paintings, these canvases were patiently waiting for me to cover them with stories, at last, they told me what to paint on them.
And here it is, the narrative on the raw canvas, just as raw and honest as the canvas itself…:
When time ran out
Travel companions

I had these images in the back of my head, waiting to hatch, paintings from my heart which I have bled out on these canvases.
I needed to tell these stories.
Emotions spilling over on abandoned, unprofessionally made canvases, but definitely made with love and much anticipation, that you can see /feel…sense…
Please try to “feel” these paintings because they grew organically out of my being…

Narrative paintings that sprouted out of my sub- or unconscious mind.

17M05 60x60cm Going slowly nowhere R5000

I was listening to the music of Emiliana Torinni while working on these paintings. The music might have played a role in the feeling.

“When time ran out” is, like most of my paintings, more about the feeling than the story.
The struggle to get through difficult times, almost like entering another world, feeling detached from reality…

17M03 60x60cm And they took you away R5000

Sometimes it feels like everything in your life spiralled out of control, then is the time to lay back for a moment, be with what is and wait the time out while thinking through decisions. This is about a time like that…

17M04 60x60cm Tangled R5000
Tangled in thoughts and life, working through stuff in your busy mind, but, still in thought for a moment, letting life happen to you, knowing that you need to take a bit of time out for things to fall in place, the girl on the chair with wings is symbolic of a breakthrough, already in the process. Ravens as messengers to the God’s, tangled, not able to get the message through…



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