Artist dad- celebrating 50 years in art industry

Walking the dogs, by Joe Kotze

I want to share a wonderful event, which is close to my heart with you.

First a bit of background about my family. Both my parents, Kobus and Joe Kotze as well as my sister, Hanlie Kotze, are full-time artists, like I am. As it that that isn’t enough, my brother, Floris and his wife, Anine, have the well loved Kotze Art Gallery in Bloemfontein.

Kobus is a well-established artist and well known in art circles.

Kobus Kotze, many moons ago, a young artist, my dad and so proud of him.

On Tuesday night the 21 of February, is the opening of my dad’s milestone exhibition to celebrate 50 years in the art industry!

At the age of 78 he is still full on painting and enjoying it as much as always.

Kobus Kotze behind his easel

With a lot of pressure from my brother’s side, Kobus was bound to produce special, high-quality paintings for this exhibition, to top that, he took 20 paintings out of his personal collection, which he build up over the years by always keeping his best paintings for himself. These paintings has never before been seen by the public and will be on sale at this exhibition.

Landscape with “donkie kar”

This exhibition promises to leave the visitor in awe and art collectors of classical art will most definitely find something here to add to their art collection.

If you are not in the position to visit the gallery, do visit Kotze Art Gallery’s website. Floris and his friendly team will gladly assist you with online sales and shipping worldwide can be arranged.   

A few handpicked works of my mum, Joe Kotze, will also be on display at this exhibition.




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