“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.”

“Animal Friends Captured on Canvas” 

Not many words are necessary to accompany these images, any animal lover will know the bond between people and their pets and horses and might understand why they want to commission paintings of these four legged friends of them. 

Little girl and her horse friend

Little girl and her horse friend

“My dog and I”

“Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything.” M.K.Clinton 


My little dog friend

My little dog friend

It is always such an honor to paint my clients “dog children” for them, and the stories that accompany their requests are always so special.

Our dog children

Our dog children

Above painting was extra special, this is all the dog children this couple had, not with them anymore and their favorite toys and activity, like driving in a car, and not any car, specifically the City Golf for Rusti!

Our animal friends

Our animal friends

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”  M.K.Clinton


Border Collie

Border Collie

If you visit  Jakkalsvlei wine farm near Herbertsdale (Mossel Bay), chances are good that you might be welcomed by this Border Collie. 



“…for there is no other feeling in the world to compare with it if one loves a great horse. It gives a thrill that nothing else ever can. It cannot be put into words, because words cannot express it.”  – Unknown 

Busy with a commissioned painting of a horse and a girl.

Busy with a commissioned painting of a horse and a girl for someone in New York. 

“Your not so typical…” 

And so so special, Rubin with his farm animals!!

Pets we love Hanslammer and Springbokkie



Rubin and his Hanslammer

Rubin and his “Hanslammer” following him on the farm. 


Gemma the Sphynx Cat

Gemma the Sphynx Cat

I just HAD to paint this little beauty when I saw a photo of her. 

I knew nothing about Sphynx Cats and therefore want to share this information that I found on cattime.com  with you as I assume a lot of people do not know these unique cats.

“The hairless Sphynx is an example of the cat breeds that come about accidentally. A genetic mutation brought about the birth of a hairless kitten to Elizabeth, a black and white domestic cat in Toronto, Canada. Elizabeth’s owner recognized that Prune, as the kitten was called, was unique and set about trying to reproduce him. He, along with other hairless kittens that were born in the mid- to late 1970s, was bred to furred cats, including the Devon Rex. The gene for hairlessness is recessive, so while some of the offspring were hairless, others had fur.

Originally known as Canadian Hairless Cats, according to The International Cat Association, breeders eventually settled on the moniker Sphynx for the unusual breed, a reference to the gigantic limestone sculpture in the Egyptian desert, worn smooth over the millennia through erosion by wind, sand and water. The Sphynx is recognized by the American Cat Fanciers Association, the Cat Fanciers Association and The International Cat Association, as well as other cat registries. Perhaps the world’s most famous Sphynx is Mr. Bigglesworth, played by Ted NudeGent, in the Austin Powerscomedies.”

If you have Sphinx Cats, please tell me more about them, are they as lovable and playful as they say? 




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