I had two fun-filled days painting in Stellenbosch with the well-known artist, Glendine

Collaboration painting by Mariaan Kotze and Glendine

Art colleagues and collaborations:

“No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”  – Napoleon Hill- 

This quote by Napoleon Hill out of his book “Think and grow Rich” inspired me a lot with many of my decision making in life.

While doing these collaboration paintings, we experienced it to be true even in our creating process, as I was painting my parts on the canvas, I had to stop a few times and asked myself if what I do at the moment is influenced by Glendine’s style and themes! 

Before we started the first painting, we decided that we will let the process unfold organically.

Both of us tend to work without planning our paintings ahead of time.

Glendine will make the start and I will build on what she did. Not once did we try to steer one another in a certain direction and we could do whatever we wanted to do when it was our turn with the brush in hand.

I chose to collaborate with Glendine as we have so much in common and our elements and styles are similar in many ways.

Even in our outlook to life we share a lot and as woman artists who raised our kids as single moms,  our souls connected from the start on a deeper level. We share talks and books on a regular basis with one another.

But first…Coffee:

A cup of catch up coffee before we started painting
A cup of catch up coffee before we started painting

The last time we saw each other was more than two years ago so we had a lot of catching up to do, but we allowed ourselves only one cup of coffee to sit and chat and then jumped into the painting as our time was limited.  You can imagine the chitter chat while our paint brushes danced over the canvas.

I found over the years that you get two kinds of artists.

One kind see other artists as their rivals and as competition.

I am privileged to belong to the other kind, a bunch of good-hearted artists who goes out of their way to help and uplift their art colleagues. We share contacts, and talks that can take us to a next level. We promote one another’s work and go out of our way to inspire and uplift.

Glendine is one of those kind-hearted artists and during these two days of painting together, we bonded even at a deeper level.

Working together

Mostly during our painting process, one of us painted while the other stood back, but with times, we got so excited when a new idea popped into our heads and we both grabbed our brushes and tackled the canvas at the same time. Our energy was so high!

Taking turns to paint, my turn
Taking turns to paint, my turn

I think Glendine worried a bit when I painted a white circle on her beautiful bunny. I use a lot of circles in my art, The symbol for completion.

This painting by Glendine stole my heart. Before I saw it in real life, I saw it on Facebook when she posted it.

I loved it then, but the photo is nothing compared to standing in front of it. The raw emotion captured in this artwork brought tears into my eyes. This is definitely my favourite painting of Glendine and if I could, I would have bought it!

Symbolic painting by Glendine
Symbolic painting by Glendine

Famous signatures of artists
Famous signatures of artists
Final touches to painting
Final touches to painting

After a tiring but exhilarating day we celebrated the outcome which we felt happy with, and an immediate sale to a very valued customer, with a glass of wine.

Cheers to many more painting ventures!


After a very “successful” first day and overwhelming response we decided to do two more paintings the following day. As we had limited time, we worked on two half completed paintings of Glendine.

The outcome of our two working days together

Thank you Glendine for a wonderful, inspiring experience.

Just look at this wonderful picture of Glendine and her dogs!

Glendine and her dogs
Glendine and her dogs
Happy artists
Happy artists

Blessings and good wishes!

Another thing we have in common as artists it that both of us have a very spiritual approach to our painting process. We both tend to put good energy into each artwork we create, even if it might be a “sad” painting and we send our creations off to our clients with blessings and good wishes. 

Thank you for reading this post.

May you be blessed

Mariaan and Glendine

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