Mariaan Kotze

“Hey there! I’m Mariaan.

As a fine artist, I focus on paintings, sculptures and functional art-pieces. My art varies from classic paintings to playful and whimsical objects. Welcome to my world, enjoy this visual tour.”

Huge Winter Art Sale
Functional Art by Mariaan Kotze
Functional Art by Mariaan Kotze

Add a unique art piece to your collection.

Browse the Available Art section to see what I have available for purchase at present. You can also commission your own unique piece.

Over the years, I have developed the ability to listen to and understand the needs of my clients, and I will convey your story into a narrative painting, functional art piece or sculpture.


My Promise to You

I make use of good quality material to ensure that my products are of a quality I can feel proud of. If any of your artworks get damaged or if you experience any problem even years after you purchased it, please contact me. I want your artwork to become a heirloom that can be inherited by your children.

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