Mariaan Kotze

“Hey there! I’m Mariaan.

As a fine artist, I focus on paintings, sculptures and functional art-pieces. My art varies from classic paintings to playful and whimsical objects. Welcome to my world, enjoy this visual tour.”

Mariaan Kotze between her Lock-Down Paintings
Mariaan Kotze Painting decorating a room

Add a unique art piece to your collection.

Browse the Available Art section to see what I have available for purchase at present. You can also commission your own unique piece.

Over the years, I have developed the ability to listen to and understand the needs of my clients, and I will convey your story into a narrative painting, functional art piece or sculpture.


My Promise to You

I make use of good quality material to ensure that my products are of a quality I can feel proud of. If any of your artworks get damaged or if you experience any problem even years after you purchased it, please contact me. I want your artwork to become a heirloom that can be inherited by your children.

Lockdown News

I create right through the lockdown, seeing it as a time of “detoxing” and a time to “re-create” myself. We will break through these challenging times and stand up stronger than ever before.

In the meantime, I will help you to make your home so pretty that you’ll want to stay in it forever. Make your space unique by adding a narrative painting or whimsical artwork to your collection.


Love and good wishes to you.


Mariaan Kotze between her Lock-Down Paintings

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